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If you or someone you know has received a notice to appear (NTA), this means that you are required to appear before an immigration judge in immigration court in removal proceedings, formerly known as deportation proceedings. The Immigration Courts are within an agency of the Department of Justice called the Executive Office of Immigration Review. It is important for you to immediately seek an experienced immigration attorney's assistance and advice in order to protect your future in the United States. Attorney Andrea Montavon-McKillip of Peregrine Law, P.A. in Broward County, Florida has considerable experience providing deportation defense. The top 3 reasons to choose Peregrine Law, P.A for your deportation defense case include:

  1. Attorney Montavon-McKillip is board certified in immigration and nationality law by the Florida Bar
  2. The firm focuses on prioritizing communication with their clients for the entirety of the case
  3. Attorney Montavon-McKillip has a 10.0 'Superb' Avvo Rating

If you or someone close to you received an NTA, contact Attorney Montavon-McKillip right away to begin building a defense to address the immigration charges.

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What should I expect in a removal hearing?

You will need to appear in immigration court on the date specified in your NTA. Removal proceedings are administrative hearings, during which the immigration judge assigned to your case will determine whether you are removable (deportable) from the U.S. He or she will also determine whether you qualify for any relief that you have applied for, such as:

  • Cancellation of removal
  • Adjustment of status
  • Asylum, withholding of removal or protection under the Convention Against Torture
  • U visa relief
  • Waivers of removability and 212(c) relief

The U.S. government is always represented by a prosecutor from the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Chief Counsel. You have the right to be represented by a Broward County immigration lawyer who can protect your rights and ensure that you have the best chance of a successful outcome.

Can I appeal a negative decision?

A negative decision from an immigration judge ordering you removed from the U.S. can be immediately appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals. In many cases, a negative decision from the Board of Immigration Appeals may be further challenged in the U.S. Courts of Appeals. However, many immigration attorneys do not have appellate experience. Broward County Immigration Attorney Andrea Montavon-McKillip has a wealth of appellate experience and can guide you effectively through the appellate process.

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Committed Deportation Defense in Florida

Attorney Andrea Montavon-McKillip has more than a decade of legal experience. She is among a select number of attorneys who has achieved the distinction of receiving board certification from the Florida Bar in the field of immigration and nationality law. Fluent in Spanish and possessing a working knowledge of both Portuguese and French, Attorney Montavon-McKillip can assist people from many parts of the world. She is prepared to handle your case with efficiency and professionalism. Rather than employing a "cookie cutter" approach, Peregrine Law, P.A. addresses each case individually with a personal touch.

With a track record of success and a strong commitment to the best interests of the men and women she represents, Attorney Montavon-McKillip is the right choice for you if you are faced with a deportation hearing in Broward County, Florida. She understands how to effectively and aggressively protect your interests and ensure that a negative decision is promptly appealed.

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